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uilt on proprietary custom ASICs, NAVIGATOR systems offer performance and capabilities never-before-seen in licensed microwave to optimize networks for high capacity, and dramatically decrease capital and operating costs

NAVIGATOR is a licensed microwave system supporting the 6-42GHz frequency bands, and offering performance and features far exceeding that of microwave radios manufactured using off-the-shelf chipsets. Built on the company’s proprietary custom ASICs, NAVIGATOR provides network operators with unprecedented flexibility to support multiple configurations and applications, optimize networks for the highest capacity and range, upgrade legacy networks, and speed up deployments, while minimizing both upfront investment costs and the ongoing costs to maintain and service networks.

Unrivaled Performance and Features

NAVIGATOR has been designed from the ground up to deliver performance and features unavailable in any microwave radio until now, to both meet critical backhaul requirements and reduce costs. These include the ability to combine dual subcarriers in each transceiver to transport up to 2.75Gbps in the single transceiver radio and 5.5Gbps in the dual transceiver radio; modulations up to 4096QAM with ultra-wide channel bandwidths up to 112MHz (ETSI) and 160MHz (ANSI) to maximize capacity and range; field-replaceable diplexers to minimize product lead times and inventory stocking costs; a dual 10GbE interface that enables a simple, single fiber run to the radio; and an adaptable antenna interface that allows operators to upgrade legacy networks with minimum investment and disruption.

Along with unparalleled radio performance, first-of-its-kind capabilities, and low price point, NAVIGATOR offers other cost-saving advantages including integrated combining elements that eliminate bulky and pricy external couplers, and OMTs for various multi-channel configurations; a no-touch maintenance port that simplifies upgrades or troubleshooting; and a zero-footprint configuration that makes it ideal for mounting on towers, rooftops, or other structures without the need to shelter equipment and maintain temperature-controlled environments.

Two Models to Match All Customer Requirements

NAVIGATOR is available in single and dual transceiver models. NAVIGATOR ST can achieve capacities up to 1.5Gbps per radio using a single carrier, and 2.75Gbps using dual sub-carriers, without requiring any additional equipment. NAVIGATOR DT can achieve capacities up to 3Gbps per radio using a single carrier per transceiver and 5.5Gbps using dual sub-carriers per transceiver, without requiring any additional equipment. NAVIGATOR DT also includes XPIC and MIMO frequency re-use technologies to double capacity using a single licensed channel. XPIC and 2+0 operation are supported using just a single radio. Both the NAVIGATOR ST and NAVIGATOR DT feature field-replaceable diplexers that easily and inexpensively convert to different sub-bands, eliminating the costly need to spare radios in specific sub-bands.